Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Should the 360,000 white men that died,giving their lives,to free the slaves,get reparations.Have you ever thanked the Lord,for those brave White men and the loss that their families indured?
Why is it the Blacks that can't let anything pass?Would you have rather picked cotton or walked into the gas chamber,with your family in WW2.Time to man up.This cracker is getting tired of all your whining.

1st Blacks Fought harder B/C they had so much to prove in the Civil War
2nd They were'nt fighting to free the slaves, The government did that by LAW
3rd The Holocaust in NO way can EVEN be Compared to 400 years of Slavery
4th He has NO concept of oppression

I Saw This on Topix.com

An All-Black Homeland in North America?

Oppressed Black Man wrote:
This post is addressed to all African Americans and African Americans only. I want to know if the petition for a so-called "Little Africa" or sovereign reservations for our people should be granted to us by the federal government in order for us to get out of racial mainstream society and work on preserving the Afro-centric heritage and identity that is vital for our people's survival?
Is separatism such a bad idea based on the fact that the majority of this country was built by Black slave labor? Doesn't it make sense we receive our own independent homeland in North America after we never received the 40 acres and a mule that was promised to all of us after abolishion of slavery? Black folks in America need to assemble and associate with our and ONLY with our own in the legislation of creating our own Black Zionist movement for the purpose of creating a sovereign all-African American homeland on this continent.

I like the QUESTION.... It's One that hasn't been asked lately
I feel it should be optional like Indian Reservation

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Do you feel black people half a sense of self-entitlement?
Not trying to be racist... but I believe most black people give off this attitude. They feel they are always being discriminated and bring up the whole we used to be slaves.
I myself am a minority. And as an Asian-American I don't feel self-entitlement for the railroads nor do I get the benefits of affirmative action. I'm not even considered for affirmative action.

Now There is NO WAY "The Railroad" compares to Centuries of Slavery, or even the 1st day from a Master that is known as a Slave Breaker. Nor the Over 100,000 Lychings that occurred. So Yes I am Entitled and YES ALL BLACKS Should Feel They Are Too

You Say It Was a Long Time Ago...I Say It Was Yesterday!!

Malcolm X once said,
"If you're born in America with a black skin, you are born in a prison."
White America Doesn't understand this and wants everyone to forget the horrible things them and their families have done to all African Americans/Blacks in the Americas

We Can't Be Racist

Blacks Are NOT Racist!!!!!!!!!!
We can't be....
Racism is "Prejudice and Power" Blacks can be the first but do not have the power to effect the economic of social staus of whites or any other race in america.